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Liv + Blis


Meditation can potentially be a solution for all mental health illnesses—improving people’s overall health. Unfortunately, people still see meditation as a time-consuming task and a practice with no tangible significance. 

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Mission Statement

liv + blis was created to further increase the percentage of individuals practicing meditation and implementing this wellness as a way of life. The liv + blis mission is to shift existing negative perceptions of meditation and to bring awareness to how meditation can provide a path to living with peace and balance. 




liv + blis makes meditation easier and more enjoyable to help you reach your goals. 

Liv and Blis items included in box

Raise your subscription to a higher level by signing up for the liv + blis subscription box! This level provides a customized one-on-one live mentor session to guide you through your practice and includes monthly gifts.

Liv and Bliss App

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Questionnaire provided on Liv and Blis app to further help the user create a more personalized meditation experience

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